I am at Starbucks with 10 other people with laptops.
I go to download a 100 mb file, 4 hours.
Buttered croissant?! Who has the buttered croissant?!
Wrrrrrr. Grind. Slam. Slam. Beeeeeeeep… Beeeeeeep… Beeeeeeep
I went home to work.

The Pain
• Learning new technology, software, hardware is just too much work! This is not fun!
• Where can I learn how to use my _________?
• My hard drive crashed… Now what?
• Starbucks is so noisy. Internet is so slow. No power outlets. Uncomfortable.
• My Warranty expired… Now what?
• Why isn’t this working?!
• I dropped my iPhone… Now What?
• The guy on the phone said to do what? I did not get any of that!
• Something is wrong with my laptop…. The job is due!
• Where can I go to get trustworthy advice and not feel like an idiot?
• I want to learn how to use social networking.
• Where can I find a great tutor for my kid?
• This donut is stale.
• Windows won’t let me _________!
• Where do I go for a conducive social, technology filled environment?
The Cure

The Taming Café…